alternate title: How not to handle product support. This is more of a review of the company behind the mattress rather than the mattress itself.

Almost a month back I decided to search for a mattress for the newly extended room in my house. I was looking for something like Casper or Purple in India. While searching I found the website Sunday Mattress. There weren't any reviews of the mattress other than the reviews in their website. Those are not reliable at all since they will be having a moderation process to approve the reviews. I wasn't able to find any review other than couple of answers in Quora. Lack of reviews is the major reason I am writing this post.

I tried contacting then to esquire details. Like I do for all initial enquiries, I contacted them with my secondary JIO number which I use only for data. Even with lack of reviews, I was fairly convinced to purchase one from Sunday. But what happened in following weeks in spamming my number with SMSes almost every day, and phone calls from their sales team at least once a week. I was kind of proud that I choose to not give them my primary number. After three or four phone calls, I asked them politely to not call me back again and remove my number from their marketing list. I actually didn't order the mattress at that time because I was not sure about the size of the mattress, I was clear that I want Queen, but not sure about the length (Queen size can have the length of 72 inch, 75 inch or 78 inch).

I finally placed the order on 17th October. What happened next is a really bad customer support experience that one can get. Fedex tracking page stopped updating after package was sent to my nearby location. Seems like some how they lost the package. I contacted fedex directly, but was not getting any response from them. So I contacted Sunday. They seems to have direct contact with fedex and they know more details that the customer support team of fedex. After that, almost every day Sunday team told me that fedex found the package, it is going to get delivered today or tomorrow. This they repeated for more than a week. Then there was an instance where Sunday's customer support member Anurag called me and said, fedex will call you within 10mins and arrange delivery today itself. It was already 7PM, I knew this is not going to happen. But I was kind of expecting Sunday will pull the strings and some how get it delivered. Like I believed it didn't get delivered on that day. Several times, I had to contact them through multiple channels to get a response out of them - e-mail, Twitter, phone call!.

It's been more than 2 weeks now. Package is still missing. Sunday team stopped responding. I can understand that some times packages delivery service may messes things up. But lack of response from Sunday is the problem. Which I was not expecting since Sunday team was calling and spamming SMSes several times a week till I purchased my mattress. Especially when they are boasting about their support and 100 days free trial in their website. When I talked to their operations team head, I asked them if they can send another package and get the current shipped one returned when Fedex finally locates it. He said he'll consider, but no response after that. That was kind of a deal breaker especially when they are having 100 night return policy including free pickup. If they are so confident about their product, why can't they sent another one and get the missing one back?

When companies copy product and service ideas from the US, I wish they copy their customer support/service as well.

I hope this will end up while you are googling for Sunday matress review. Sunday's products might be good, I don't know. But don't expect anything different from them than the conventional popular mattress brands.

Update: After a sheer lack of interest in responding to my emails for almost a week, some one from Sunday contacted me today saying there are only 2 options left for me, one is to wait for the package that went missing or accept refund and cancel the order. I pushed them again for shipment of a second item, which they again refused. I asked them to issue refund.