Changing MAC Address in GNU/Linux and Windows

In Linux

Open Terminal

Accessories -> Terminal

Type the following (Assumes that you need to change the MAC address of your wifi adapter. most commonly wifi adapters will be wlan0. Some devices will be eth1. To check that, type “ifconfig” in terminal)

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down hw ether
sudo wlan0 up

This operation is to change the MAC Address of your Wireless adaptor. If You Want to change the  MAC Address of your LAN Adaptor you must use this.

sudo ifconfig eth0 down hw ether
sudo eth0 up

In Windows

In windows we can spoof MAC address directly using “regedit” or by using any of the following applications.

  1. SMAC
  2. EtherChange
  3. MAC MakeUp
  4. MAC Shift