ReactJS Workshop

These are the notes from my ReactJS workshop at Open Source Kerala 2017. Javascript Ecosystem: How it all started. Server side multi page websites Browers and JS engines became better Google and AJAX


These are the notes from my Kochi Twitter developer meet talk. import files // app.js import bar from './bar'; bar(); // bar.js export default function bar() { return "hello from bar.js&

ES 2016 and Beyond

These are the notes I prepared for my KeralaJS September 2017 meet talk. Variables Block scope You can use let to define block scope variables Constants Constant variables can be defined with const.

AOSP and Mods

Like always, this is a super delayed post. I got an opertunity to participate in Swathanthra 2014, Fifth International Free Software Conference, Kerala. I was asked to present a topic related to Android