Status Update: Week 2, April 2019 - Job search

In an un-expected turn of events, I had to spend time on other things. Which leads me to not find time working on Indic Keyboard.

I was in search for a new job. I tweeted about it (tweed deleted now) and got overwhelmed with the response I got. I didn't expect so many people, including some who I never met, came forward to refer me. At least 8 companies contacted me. Since I was giving priority for remote offers, I had to reject several of them which are based in Bangalore. I've finalized a company and signed agreement with them. Will be joining there on 22nd this month.

Even though I didn't work on Indic Keyboard, I spent some time on a project which will have an impact on the future of the project. Santhosh Thottingal started an experimental, proof of concept project on handwriting recognition. I created a mobile version of it with react native. You can download the apk from here - Keep in mind, this is just a proof of concept build, not even ready for testing. It only has a limited set of characters for recognition.