Bookmarklet to solve math captcha on Calicut university results page

With last update on pareeksha bhavan page of Calicut university website, they introduced a simple math captcha, which I am tired of typing for last few days. I don’t know why they introduced this. After looking at the source code of the page, within 1-2 minutes, I found a method to overcome captcha and view result without even entering the sum value. Anyone with basic knowledge about html and js can easily do the same. So this doesn’t prevent any bots from collectting information.
Calicut university catpcha

To help everyone who tired of solving captcha every time/every register number they enter, I created a small bookmarklet script which will solve the captcha in a click. All you need to do is, drag following link to your bookmark bar of your browser. and click on it while results page is open.


If you want to see non-minified code, check my github gist.

Howto videos

Adding bookmarklet

Using bookmarklet