Blender Add-on - Integrated Library Update

After releasing the first version, I didn’t get much time to update my blender add-ons with the API changes of 2.5 version. A friend Ivo updated Integrated Library add-on to the new API. His mail is as follows.

Hi Jishnu,
i found your script extremely useful and i updated it to work with the
latest version, you should submit it to the bf-extensions repository,
so it would be included with the official blender version eventually.

Since he is not familiar with Git, he told me to update it. Now this add-on will work with current 2.5 beta version. I tested it in the latest SVN checkout and worked for me.

This is the power of Free and Open Source, even if original developer unable to provide new updates, users can be able to modify or update it.

There are still some bugs need to be fixed. I will try to fix those bugs whenever am free. You can download latest version of the add-on from github