How to fake Google Doodle game score

For the last few days, Google is creating simple games as Doodles, and everyone is going nuts behind it. My friends are fighting each other to get high score. I thought why can’t I fake it. I faked and shared with believale value, by simple HTML edit. At the same time, one of my friend shared a screenshot, with an unbelievable value, using Chrome’s default inspect element tool. He couln’t able to produce G+ post as evidence. Because when sharing to Google+, it is not taking value from div element.

Google Doodle Game hurdles

I took that as a challege, again faked it, but now with proof.
Few of my friends asked me how to do it, and here is how.

Google doodle game

First of all, you need Firebug (I guess, same is possible with Chrome’s default Inspect element tool). Follow the steps

  1. Open or any other local google domain.
  2. Play Game

  1. When showing score, click G+ share.

  1. Right click on the element which shows your score and click Inspect element with Firebug.

  1. Find src pararmeter of iframe.

Following are the decoded parameters from the src javascript element.

<br></br>{"items":[{"type":"","id":"","properties":{"description":["I played basketball! #GoogleDoodle — Score: 16"],"url":[""],"name":["Basketball"],"image":[""]}}]}&prm=md&sts=h5m1wzh1&susp=true&wpp=1&jsh=m;/_/abc-static/_/js/gapi/__features__/rt=j/ver=QjqA6j1hPhE.en./sv=1/am=!y-LKr2sJxIeZAIaJUQ/d=1#id=I1_1344408175776&parent=,_close,_open,_resizeMe,_renderstart" name="I1_1344408175776" id="I1_1344408175776" vspace="0" tabindex="0" style="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" allowtransparency="true"<br></br>

Score and image parameter are what we need to edit. For the image parameter, “basketball12-hp-share1.png” is the image with 1 star, and basketball12-hp-share2.png, basketball12-hp-share3.png for 2 and 3 star respectively.

  1. Edit it to what ever you like. (You can also edit by right click and selected edit HTML, But I found that G+ share de-activates if you do that.)

  1. Done!