Indic Keyboard v3 Status

I started my work on the next major version of Indic Keyboard almost 2 years back. Even though it has been so long, I spend very negligible hours.

There are several reasons why it took so long. I was trying to find a better method to import updates from Android Open Source code with less effort from my side. This was most time consuming tasks on every major release. This particular task requires focused effort, it was difficult to do, especially since I was working only part time. There are several approaches to solve the issue and I didn't finish any of the methods I tried.

Last year at SMC's developer meet by talking to others, I got some motivation to finish this pending upgrade. I fixed F-Droid builds during that time. Which helped us to remove pre-built binary warning message from F-Droid listing.

About 2 months back, I made a bug fix release which fixed some of the issues that frequently reported by people.

The reason I am posting this update now is that, there is an exciting news related to Indic Keyboard. What exactly is the news, I'll update you later. But I can assure you that you can expect huge improvements to the project in upcoming years.

A friend of mine Milad, asked me to write weekly or monthly blog posts updating what I've worked on. I follow the RSS feed of a couple of free software contributors who do this, so I thought it was a brilliant idea. This will force me to work better and help me get better at writing. I am committing to this.

That's all for now. More on the exciting news later.