Indic Keyboard v3.2

This weekend, I worked on a new release of Indic Keyboard. Here are the new additions.

  • Swipe gestures for basic operations
  • New bordered themes
  • UI fix for Inscript layouts

New Themes

New release includes 3 new themes. These looks really good. Auto switching of dark theme is in the works, should be available in the next release.

All themese now have fancy names.

Basic swipe operations

Supporting basic swipe operations is one of the frequently requested features. Thanks to Openboard, new release includes some swipe operations in all Indic Keyboard variants.

Swipe to delete.

swipe to delete

Swipe to Navigate

swipe to navigate

Swipe to Shift

swipe to shift

Inscript UI Fix

Characters now fit within the key for Insript layouts.


The release will be available in all the usual places. F-Droid release for v3.0 and v3.1 got merged recently, so it should also be available in a day or two.