Books - Aug 2019

How to Make Your First Millionby Warren Ingram This is different from most of the financial freedom books. Instead of giving out actions and results, this book is about ordinary people who reached

Books - July 2019

It was a pretty stressed out month that passed. I tried to avoid my regular category of books and consumed more Fiction than normal. The Kiss Quotientby Helen Hoang The Kiss Quotient follows

Books - June 2019

This month, I have reached my goal of 24 books for the year 2019. I am planning to have an extended goal of 48 books. The Zoya Factorby Anuja Chauhan I heard that

Books - May 2019

The Intelligent Investorby Benjamin Graham The holy bible of value investing. This is the book taught people worldwide the philosophy of value investing. Several financial books I read mentions this book, so it

Books - April 2019

My streak on financial books continued in April. I have more on my to-read list, so I am expecting to continue it for a couple months more. Here are the books I read/