Self-hosting at Zerodha

This weekend, I went to IndiaOS conference organized jointly by Zerodha and ERPNext. Even though I am a happy user of Zerodha's platform and know a couple of people working there, I never knew they were really supportive of Freen and Open Source Software.

I got to learn from the event that Zerodha hosts almost all services, tools, and projects their own. I was kind of surprised - there are still companies/startups willing to take chances, trust their engineers and self host. (I am talking about companies whose primary product is not Open Source)

Companies usually in the case of mailing services say, there is Mailchip, which can be integrated with our backend within a couple of hours, why should we go through an open source, selfhosted project which needs, booting up a server, setting up the machine, maintaining, handling security and updating.

I got a chance to ask this question to Dr. Kailash Nadh, CTO of Zerodha, how he convinced leaders of other branches in his organization. This is what I understood from his reply.
1. Not having tight deadlines - planning things way ahead.
2. Having an understanding leadership team.
3. Having trust in the engineers you have got.
4. Having the hacker culture in engineering team.

Getting all these right in a company is difficult. I am pretty sure they were able to successfully do this because of the leadership quality of Kailash. I wanted to ask him more questions and understand how he leads the team - will try next time.

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