Books - March 2019

I am way ahead of schedule in my plan of 15 books for 2019. So I am increasing my target to 24 books. Here are the book I read / listened in March.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

by Hank Green

A millennial take on Sci-Fi, including all social networks Instagram/Twitter/Facebook taking a key part. Even though story kept me hooked, I can't say writing is good.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

A short, but good book on Finance. Reading this gave me a better understanding of capitalist mindset. There are several books by the same author in the series. I am not sure whether they will be good or not. Will read at least one in the next month.

Algorithms to Live By

by Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths

How to make or How humans make, decisions based on algorithms. This will help you to make decisions based on known algorithms for the purpose.This book needs multiple reading to understand in it's entirety. I may have got only 10% of the concepts and content it has.

Hit Refresh

by Satya Nadella

A long form memo for Microsoft employees. This was written at a time when Microsoft was ongoing a company re-structuring.

Another book by a CEO/founder on how great there company is, how did they solve trivial issues, how great their culture is etc. If you have read any book from a CEO or a founder, this is an easy skip.

Make Time

by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

One of my fav self-help book along with Eat that frog. Book doesn't force any of it's concepts, rather both authors gives their own perspectives and modifications on the core idea. I will read this again for sure.