Hack MES CE WiFi Network & Use without registering and access blocked websites

Our college hostel ( MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram, Kerala, India. ) WiFi network uses Open DNS an Endian Firewall so almost all proxy websites are blocked. But there are still some proxy websites which does not yet blocked.

Proxy Websites

Following proxy websites will work in our hostel network

  1. Need More School
  2. Frojax
  3. Adout – Can even access you tube with this site.

Access Facebook

Free Gate
The program takes advantage of a range of open proxies, which allow users to penetrate firewalls used to block web sites. But the problem is that this program only allows few websites. i found that Facebook will work perfectly in this. Twitter is also accessible but will not work perfectly.
Download Free Gate

Read Contents of a blocked website

1. Google Cache

If you only need to read the contents of a blocked website then you can use google cache to access the contents. You can see my twitter, facebook pages from our hostel by clicking links. Just google the page you want to get. Then there will be a link just right to the website link called “cached” to access  cached page.

google cache

2. Convert Web page into PDF Document

Convert the web page you need to access into a PDF document using following sites.

Access Internet without registering your computer

Our college’s Computer Network Cell (CNC) uses Endian Firewall it is configured such that only registered computers are allowed to access Internet. They filter that using MAC address. It is a unique hardware address, no 2 WiFi or LAN adapter will have the same MAC address.

To access internet without registering, you need to get your friend’s MAC Address which is registered in CNC. Type ifconfig in gnu/Linux terminal or type ipconfig -a in windows to get MAC address (Note that in gnu/Linux MAC address is said as hardware address, so it will be shown as HWAddr). Then change the MAC Address of un-registered computer to a registered MAC Address. This post will help you to change MAC address. In gnu/Linux you need to set the MAC address every time when you restart.

More updates coming soon…!