Akshara Mazha v2.0

This is basically a Matrix Rain, but with Malayalam alphabets, numbers and symbols.

You have an option to choose between Malayalam letters, numbers or Malayalam binary. Malayalam numbers are no longer in use. I never learned it, schools doesn't even teach, so I thought it will be cool it see it in my phone.

In v2.0, I made several improvements more than just updating Android support to latest.

Less Distracting

Even I didn't use the previous version for long because the constant flashing of characters were distracting. In this version, I made adjustments to the peak brightness of characters. This may reduce  the overall matrix effect, but I think it is needed for avoiding distraction when you are on your home screen.

Better Settings UI

Re-arranged settings and improved setting page. Also, I did some tricks and hard-coded my favorite font, Manjari as the default font for the page, irrespective of what your Android system uses.

Text Adjustments

Characters in the rain now are center aligned and anti aliased. This gives overall a better visual appeal than previous release.

More Fonts

Previous version had only 4 fonts. I added 6 more fonts in this version. Here are all the fonts.

  • Manjari
  • Meera
  • Rachana
  • Gayathri
  • Keraleeyam
  • Chilanka
  • Uroob
  • Dyuthi
  • Ishtika
  • Karumbi

All except Ishtika are from SMC - https://smc.org.in/fonts/. Ishtika is from Kailash Nadh - https://nadh.in/code/ishtika/.

Newer Android support

Upgraded SDK support to API level 28 of Android.


You can download newest version from