Indic Keyboard v3.0

With almost 3 million downloads, Indic Keyboard is one of the most popular Free and Open Source keyboard for Indic languages. With 3.0, I am updating it with new features and bug fixes.

Originally, I planned for several new layouts and languages before tagging for 3.0 release, but we are loosing users because the way google is showing warning for our app in the newer version of Android.

Current plan is to do frequent releases with previously planned features. So you should expect more releases, faster updates.

v3.0 has a new logo, setup wizard UI changes and several new features.

New Logo by Hiran Venugopalan -

Short list of changes include

  • Separate versions for armv7 and armv8
  • Support run-time permissions
  • Updated set of emojis
  • Option to set permanent emoji key
  • Option to turn on number row
  • Option to resize keyboard
  • New dictionaries for Kashmiri, Marathi, Maithili, Odia, Sanskrit, Santali, Assamese
  • Several bugfixes


I created a short video, rundown of features


Finally, I would like to thank Mozilla and Mozilla Open Source Support award for motivating me to continue working on this project.


Updates will be live soon on both Google Play and on F-Droid.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on F-Droid

If you want direct links, you can get apks from here.